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rfc822::parser Class Reference

a somewhat RFC822 compatible entry parser. More...

#include <parser.h>

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Public Methods

 parser ()
 c'tor. More...

virtual ~parser ()
 d'tor. More...

virtual bool parse (const string &s)
 parses an entry. More...

virtual const stringgetValue (const string &item)
 returns a special value. More...

Static Public Attributes

string undef
 a dummy return value. More...

Protected Types

enum  { text = 0, special, comment }

Protected Methods

virtual bool onToken (const char *t, int mode)
 Callback for the parse() method. More...

virtual bool error (const string &err)
 called on error. More...

void registerParser (const string &name)
 registers this parser for a certain item. More...

Detailed Description

a somewhat RFC822 compatible entry parser.

The header class uses objects of this class or derivees to handle entry-specific parsings, for example, when parsing a "From:" line into realname and email address, or parsing the "Date:" line into somewhat machine readable.

Normally you would not need to instantiate such a class.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum [protected]

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



virtual rfc822::parser::~parser   [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool rfc822::parser::error const string   err [protected, virtual]

called on error.

virtual const string& rfc822::parser::getValue const string   item [virtual]

returns a special value.

When, as usual, used and registered as a helper class for the rfc822::header class, the rfc822::header methods will call this method to query the special value. For example, the "From:" parser implements return values for "" and "from.realname".

item  the name of the item
The queried value or undef when called for an invalid item.

virtual bool rfc822::parser::onToken const char *    t,
int    mode
[protected, virtual]

Callback for the parse() method.

t  the token
mode  one of parser::text, parser::special, and parser::comment.
true on success, false on illegal tokens.

virtual bool rfc822::parser::parse const string   s [virtual]

parses an entry.

The default implementation parses the entries value into text, specials, and comments in a way similar to what RFC822 describes. It then feeds the tokens into the onToken() method.

true on success.

void rfc822::parser::registerParser const string   name [inline, protected]

registers this parser for a certain item.

This method is a shortcut for calling header::registerSpecial().

Member Data Documentation

string rfc822::parser::undef [static]

a dummy return value.

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