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rfc822::body Class Reference

a RFC822 body. More...

#include <body.h>

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Public Methods

 body ()
 body (const string &s, bool fNeedsEscape=true)
 body (const body &b)
body & operator= (const body &b)
body & operator= (const string &s)
body & setText (const string &s, bool f)
bool needsEscape () const
string escaped () const
ostream & printEscaped (ostream &o) const

Detailed Description

a RFC822 body.

This class adds support for escaping/unescaping the body text to the std::string class: mbox-formatted messages escape ">*From" lines with a '>' character, to distinguish from "From " lines that separate two messages in a single mbox file. The unescape() method removes those escapes from the body text, if not yet unescaped. It adds such escapes to it otherwise.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rfc822::body::body   [inline]

rfc822::body::body const string   s,
bool    fNeedsEscape = true

rfc822::body::body const body &    b [inline]

Member Function Documentation

string rfc822::body::escaped   const

bool rfc822::body::needsEscape   const [inline]

body& rfc822::body::operator= const string   s [inline]

body& rfc822::body::operator= const body &    b [inline]

ostream& rfc822::body::printEscaped ostream &    o const

body& rfc822::body::setText const string   s,
bool    f

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