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rfc822 Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
rfc822::bodyA RFC822 body
rfc822::filter::conditionalChecks conditions
utils::logging::dologA dolog object collects log messages and sends it to the logger
utils::logging::file_listenerA listener writing to a file
rfc822::filter::filterA message filter
rfc822::headerA parsed header
rfc822::header::entryAn adapter class for use with header::operator[]
utils::logging::listenerA log listener receives log messages
utils::logging::logfuncThe logging function object
utils::logging::loggerThe logging object
rfc822::mboxUNIX style mbox file parser
rfc822::mbox::iteratorAn iterator over UNIX style mail files
rfc822::msgA single RFC822 compliant message
utils::logging::msgA message prepared for logging
utils::logging::nologA dummy class with the same interface as the dolog class
utils::logging::ostream_listenerA listener writing on a ostream
rfc822::parserA somewhat RFC822 compatible entry parser
utils::receiver< T, F, TIMEOUT >A multithreaded easy-to-use receiver class

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